Aboriginal Sand Art

Before going in depth about aboriginal sand art, it is important to get to know the people who pioneered in this art form thousands of years ago.

The aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia who are still in existence in the country up to this day. They travelled to Australia via the Southern route around 50,000 years ago. When they settled on the island, they developed their own traditions, culture, and beliefs and along with it, the traditional aboriginal art, unique and innate to Australians, came to being.

Aboriginal sand art designs and engravings

Aboriginal art pictures are mostly depicted in the ground or in desert sands and are characterized with concentric circles that signify the power of their sacred deity. It is drawn on the sand to signify that the power of the Great Ancestor is from the ground and will eventually return to it.

Art and rituals are merged in the aboriginal culture. A high priest or shaman initiates the ritual by placing his ear on the ground while tapping it with a pole. This is an important gesture because it is the coming together of the human and the spirits of its ancestors.

What the aboriginal sand art

Aboriginal sand art is considered a ritual in the traditional aboriginal culture. It is used to signify territorial landmarks and tells the history as well as the origin of the aborigines. More specifically, it showcases the aborigines’ creation myth known as “The Dreamtime”. The Dreamtime is re-enacted today to remind people of the sacred creation ritual.

Any art form that includes sand art is made by two people, specifically, a man and a woman. It is every person’s responsibility to ensure the continuity of the sacredness of “The Dreamtime” myth, thus, making sure that the order of creation is passed on to the next pair of man and woman.

These traditional aboriginal art forms also show elements of nature such as fire and waves of energy. The designs transcend time and show the past, present and future with the characterization of concentric circles and interconnection of energies emitted by the ancestors’ spirit. It would only boil down to how a person views the art and his understanding of the rich context of aboriginal art history.

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