Aboriginal Art Investment

Aboriginal art investment, is it a good idea? This question comes to mind since an increase in the sales and popularity of Australian Aboriginal art in and outside Australia has occurred.

The art of the Aborigines is recognized all over the world as a uniquely distinct form of art and is well admired and respected in the circles of art critics. Aside from being an aesthetic piece of accomplishment, it has lately been seen in the aspect of being a good investment, as it has been a brisk and expensive market commodity.

Aboriginal art springs from a tradition and culture that goes back to at least forty thousand years. At the same time, its features are surprisingly modern in appearance, having beautifully rendered modern color and designs. This only adds to its appeal, and is enough good reason to buy and collect these exceptional pieces of Australian culture and history.

Aboriginal art investment? –The current trend

It is a sound proposition to venture into Australian Aboriginal art investment. It is Australia’s most fashionable and chic art genre, and it has a greater market value and demand over any other art genre in the country. A lot of art galleries Down Under have had more than 60 percent of their displays turned into a showcase of this type of art. Not only in Australia, but all over the world, interest in the art of the Aboriginals has risen at a rapid rate, just as it has been a bestseller in its native country. If one is looking for something to invest in, this kind of art will surely result in satisfactory financial returns.

Aboriginal art investment? Yes, if one chooses wisely.

One should do the necessary research on what and where to buy. There are numerous well-respected artists whose works can command very high prices. One must exercise due discretion in choosing which artworks to invest in. If the right selection is made, the price of an artwork can fetch millions of dollars, such as paintings made by Clifford Tjapaltjarri, who holds the record in having the highest selling Aboriginal artwork in the world.

It is also worth researching and investing in works of artists that are on the rise, who are steadily gaining respectability and popularity, and are gaining high demand. It is a wise idea to diversify one’s portfolio, having works made by different tribes which use different motifs, media and style. Aside from these criteria, the artist’s age also uniquely holds a definite advantage, for these elders are highly respected in their community and in the country in general. This is a unique feature of this art genre. Also, be sure that the artwork being bought is duly authenticated, for many fakes also abound.

Aside from being a good investment, there is a definitive excitement in being able to share in a culture that is so old and so profound, having survived millennia in the harsh environment of the Australian Outback.

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