The Future of Aboriginal Art

The future of Aboriginal art lies in its history. Australian Aboriginal art or indigenous Australian art has never been as well-known and acknowledged throughout the world than it is now. The Australian indigenous community consequently became internationally known recognizing their culture, beliefs, and habits.

Aboriginal dot art

The Future of Aboriginal Art Movement

Traditionally, Aboriginal art uses symbols to identify and convey meanings like people sitting, sand hill, rain, shield, spears, honey ants, animal tracks, emu, bush tucker, boomerang, kangaroo tracks, waterholes, meeting place, campsite, digging sticks, woman, man, and person, among others. These symbols are known as iconography. Travel information is recorded through these symbols that are represented in dots or in lines. Likewise, iconography is used to create laws, represent customs and belief systems, and interpret situations.

Rocks, sand, deserts, and cave paintings were the earliest forms of canvas. Organic materials such as charcoal, blood, feathers, and fine clay were used as materials for drawing. In this day and age, artists make use of acrylic paints on canvas paintings, pottery, and other tools. Artworks have naturalistic and abstract elements.

Aboriginal art is the way of life and future of the Australian community. Painting and artworks relay the stories of the people, the richness of its tradition and its culture. It has served as their language of history that will remain famous for thousands of years from generation to generation. Though it is one of the oldest forms of art in Australia, its commercialization has prospered from one decade to another. Countless books in relation to Australian Aboriginal art are being written and taught in schools and universities. The Australian community is now more open to business and tourists.

The Future of Aboriginal Art Investment

The future of Aboriginal art also lies in the status of Australian Aboriginal art investment. Nowadays, the utilization of Aboriginal art online has become widespread. Trading of Aboriginal art online is currently considered as one of the growing businesses. Many investors are buying unique and valuable paintings and artworks that could make more profits in the future. Authentic and high quality artworks are sold at very competitive prices through different auctions and galleries. Australian Aboriginal art investment is one of the most sought-after assets all over the world.

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