Aboriginal Flag

Australian Aboriginals are represented by an Aboriginal flag. The flag is considered as one of the legitimate flags in Australia. It was officially announced on July 14, 1995 under Flag Act of 1973. The flag was shown to the public at Victoria Square, Adelaide on the celebration of National Aborigines Day on July 12, 1971.

Near the end of 1972, the flag was used at the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra. The embassy which was founded on February of the same year is said to use a different design prior to the use of this flag.

Harold Thomas, a descendant from the Luritja group in Central Australia was the man behind the design of the flag in 1971. He holds a copyright for the design granted to him by the Federal Court of Australia in 1997.

Symbolic meaning of the Aboriginal flag

The flag was designed in such a way that it will symbolize the Aboriginal culture.

• Black (upper part of the flag) is said to be a representation of the indigenous people of Australia.

• Red (lower part of the flag), on the other hand, represents the red earth and red ochre, which the people use in ceremonies. It shows the aborigines relationship to their land.

• Yellow (circle at the middle of the flag) represents yellow ochre and the sun which they consider as the giver of life.

In the year 1995, the recommendation of Prime Minister Paul Keating to make the flag as the national flag received a lot of opposition. Nonetheless, it was successfully recognized and is being raised beside the Australian National Flag today.

A movement was made by National Indigenous Advisory Committee to have the Aboriginal flag raised during the 2000 Summer Olympics. The Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) recognized this and agreed to have the flag flown. Since then, the flag was seen and raised in various events in Australia.

People carried the flag and paraded from the Parliament of South Australia to the Victoria Square on the 30th anniversary celebration of the flag in 2001. It was on July 8, 2002 when the flag was permanently flown in the exact place where it was first flown: Victoria Square.

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