Australian Tourism

Australian tourism.

A Thriving Industry in a Challenged World

Despite the current global economic challenges, tourism in Australia remains a lively and flourishing business. The industry is an essential to the Australian economy and has signified 2.5% of Australia’s gross domestic product and continues to become one of the driving force of its economy. This is largely due to the continuous increase in overseas tourists who take interest in the rich and wealthy Australian culture, landscapes and way of life and great fervor to explore and discover its unique wildlife. Popular tourist destinations and spots in Australia include coastal cities Melbourne and Sydney, as well as other prominent destinations like Gold Coast, Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef in the world. Increasing interest in aboriginal tourism in Australia has shown growth in the recent years as travellers and sightseers from around the globe have come to the continent to experience its largely untapped Aboriginal homelands in the Northern Territory including important Aboriginal sites such as Arnhem Land and the Kakadu National Park.

Aboriginal tourism in Australia has been showing promise and growth in the recent years. Australia’s Aboriginal tourism experience makes the country’s tourism industry unique from those of other countries. While unceasingly developing and maturing, Australia’s Aboriginal tourism is still young as many tourists around the globe are yet to discover the richness of mysteries and secrets the country’s ancient Aboriginal culture has to offer. One of the oldest existing in the world and has always been a subject to curious speculation since the 19th century, the Aboriginal Australian’s culture dates back at least 50,000 years ago. Tourists with keen interest to know more about the history and lifestyle of the Australian Aborigines have the opportunity to experience the real thing. Their great appreciation and admiration for Aboriginal culture and cultural treasures have led them to the land down under which is full of wonders as well.

Discovering Undiscovered Australia

Through Australian Aboriginal tours, one can uncover the surprises and unique pleasure about this culture and the people’s way of life. Tourists can visit Australia’s Northern Territory, an area teeming with Aboriginal art and culture, history and tradition. With the help of an Anangu guide, be enlightened by a journey from the Australia Red Centre to Uluru’s base. Travelers can revitalize and reconnect themselves with several wonders of nature and be delighted and inspired by Australia’s serenity and lush land and seascapes, areas that have been nurtured by these proud group of people with rich Aboriginal art and traditions.

Sightseeing bus tours can be fun but experiencing the real thing can be quite an exhilarating spectacle. Rather than just watch the Australian Aborigines do their activities, why not grab the opportunity to join them and be one of them? Hear the cascading river water while feeling the pull of the paddle. Join the locals view the ancient mists and ageless rainforests and be closer to nature: no divisions, no barriers; just a raw experience like no other. See the world in a different angle, a different light, a different perspective.

A Universe of Diverse Culture

The vastness of Australia is a testament of the endless opportunities for leisure, fun and adventure one can only experience in the land down under. There are an enormous number of destinations, spots and culturally and biologically important sites to visit and discover in this vast continent of diverse climate, wildlife, seascapes and landforms. Live your dream and feel the genuine freedom and enjoyment life has in store for you.

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