Ancient Secrets within the Modern City

A resilient city that has been almost rebuilt twice, Darwin is the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory. With a population of more than 127,000, Darwin is the most populated city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory. It is renowned as one of Australia’s most modernized and advanced multicultural cities. Despite the progressive modernization occurring in the area, Darwin has maintained and kept its indigenous history and Aboriginal culture alive.

An area rich in mineral resources, beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, Darwin’s two largest economic industries are mining and tourism. Tourism provides employment to 8% of its residents and is growing as domestic and international tourists show increasing interest in the city’s Aboriginal art, history and culture. In 2006, approximately 1.38 million tourists visited Darwin. Some of the tourists spots found in the area are Kakadu National Park, Katherine Gorge and Litchfield National Park. Because of the very diverse climate in the Northern Territory, Darwin experiences six seasons in a year. Hence, tourism industry in the region is largely affected by seasonal changes with most travelers and tourists arriving during the cool dry season which is usually experienced from April to September.

Aboriginal Tourism, A Thriving Economic Prospect

Darwin’s vibrant Aboriginal tourism also continues to become a major sector in the city’s tourism industry. Tourists flock to cultural Darwin day tours to learn more about the history of the extraordinary city from an Aboriginal owner and operator. Sightseers can choose from a wide selection of tours to witness the art and way of living of Aboriginal Australians. Darwin’s Aboriginal history dates back over more than 40,000 years. Its indigenous people believe that their purpose on earth is to be the caretaker of the land. The richness of their heritage and culture has been passed on through generations in the form of songs, dances, stories and art.

Different Aboriginal touring sites and destinations are the Litchfield National Park, the Territory Wildlife Park and the Aboriginal communities for a different kind of perspective into the traditional Aboriginal art and lives these people still live and follow today. The tourist will be inspired and informed by a lot of stories of Australia’s ancient history and know more about Australian Aboriginals’ culture including their food, rituals, traditions, art and ceremonies. One can experience some of the most picturesque spots Australia’s Top End has in store for everyone.

Furthermore, most Aboriginal lands are outside Darwin and they are explored by tourists in traditional vehicles. While there are permits needed to visit Aboriginal lands, national parks such as Nitmilik and Kakadu do not need a permit.

The interesting thing about places and object throughout the location, these are sacred to the Australian Aborigines. Access to some places is forbidden while some may be seen only by men, others by women. There are also some that cannot be photographed.

Tourists are free to join in many ceremonial sits and rock art under the supervision of their owners who proud in explaining their contribution and importance in the Australian culture. It is required from visitors to respect the guide’s instructions about proper decorum and women are needed to dress modestly.

A Real and Exciting Experience

The best thing about Aboriginal tours in Darwin, you get to experience the real thing. They are interactive and about Aboriginal things and time. These tours are always subject to change, flexible and spontaneous so tourists and travelers should expect the unexpected. Activities will depend on the people’s interests and what is available at the time. During the tours, there will be interaction with the Australian Aborigines, their stories and sacred places. There can also be personal discussions with the people as well as political. These people are honest and real. You will end your journey with nothing but 100% satisfaction.

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