Evelyn Pultara

Evelyn Pultara
Born: c1940
Location: Utopia, Central Australia
Language: Anmatyerre

Evelyn Pultara is a popular artist from the Utopia region of the Northern Territory. She was born around 1940 at Woodgreen Station, a cattle property adjoining Utopia Station. Evelyn was related to famous artists Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Greenie Petyarre. She is an Anmatyerre woman and is the mother of six children.

Evelyn Pultara was born with bush yam (pencil yam) as her ‘totem’. The bush yam (atnwelarr) has been an abundant source of food and water for the Anmatyerre people for countless years. The pencil yam is a slender twining plant with yellow pea flowers and edible tubers. As her totem, it is Evelyn’s responsibility to pay homage to it through song and dance in ceremony – and now in art. An important part of the woman’s role in traditional Aboriginal culture is to collect bush foods. Carrying bowls (coolamons) are used to collect the seeds of plants, flowers and bulbs. Wild yams, onions, tomatoes, beans, apples, cherries and plums provide ideal sustenance for desert dwellers. The Yams are collected by digging deep into the soil using sharp digging utensils either made from carved wood or more commonly today, with a metal crow bar. The Yams are exposed amongst the root system of the yam bush. The medium of acrylic on canvas or linen is an extension of this duty and is another means for her to strengthen her personal connection with this item of the environment.

Title: Bush Yam
Artist: Evelyn Pultara
Size: 145cm x 95cm
Price: $990.00

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This painting on acrylic on linen represents the bush yams which were an important food source for the aboriginal people of the region. Painted in 2006. It has the beautiful colours of pink, yellow, red, orange and white tones and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity and a photo of Evelyn holding the painting.


Evelyn Pultara has shown her work in numerous group shows in Australia and overseas, in Milan and London. In 2005 Waterhole Aboriginal Art in Sydney and Red Sands Gallery, Alice Springs, combined to give her a solo show at Gig Gallery, Sydney.
2005 “Linda Syddick and Evelyn Pultara”, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, WA
Feb 2005 ‘The Art of Evelyn Pultara’ , Waterhole Aboriginal Art and Red Sands Gallery, at the Gig Gallery, Glebe, Sydney
May 2004 ‘Evelyn Pultara’ curated by Armida Allevi, Galleria abOrigena, Milan
June 2003 World Vision Walkabout Gallery, Leichhardt, Sydney
2002 Red Sands Art Gallery, Alice Springs Group Shows:
2003, Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne
2003, Centro Culturale Allende, Sogni Aborigeni Premio Chatwin, La Spezia , Italy
2003, Teatro della Tosse, Rassegna Australiana: Arte del Deserto, La Spezia, Italy


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
The Holmes a` Court Collection, Perth


2005 Telstra Award Winner


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Copyright for the artworks remain with the artists

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