Galya Pwerle

Galya Pwerle
Born: c.1930
Location: Utopia
Language: Anmatyerre

Galya’s birth date is unknown but sources suggest it was around 1925 – 1930 in the remote Utopia community (350km north east of Alice Springs).
Galya is the sister of the highly acclaimed artist Minnie Pwerle, and she was encouraged to paint by her niece Barbara Weir in 2004 along with her sisters Molly and Emily Pwerle. The three sisters currently live and paint from the tiny community of Irrultja, a Utopia settlement with a population of approximately one hundred people.
Galya’s paintings depict traditional women’s ceremonies known as “Awelye Atnwengerrp” which is broadly translated as Women’s Dreaming.

Galya was nominated for a Telstra award in 2005 and 2008 and is currently exhibited widely throughout Australian galleries.



Title: Women’s Awelye
Artist: Galya Pwerle
Size: 60cm x 53cm
Price: $840.00
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