Johnny W. Tjupurrula

Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula
Born: c1925
Died: Feb. 2001
Location: Western Desert, NT
Language: Luritja, Pintupi, Kukatja

Johnny was born in 1925 at Minjilpirri, an area north west of Illipili and south of Lake Mackay. The son of mixed parents, his mother being of Luritja/Warlpiri/Pintupi descent and his father Luritja/Warlpiri, Johnny was raised in a traditional manner, living a traditional life style in the desert and never attending European schools. Johnny is of the Luritja language group and was initiated into manhood during his family’s stay at a mission in Hermannsburg.

As Johnny’s paintings are strictly Aboriginal stories without conscious European influence, they remain of major significance. Despite their distinct Aboriginality they can still be measured on a scale of modern aesthetic.
In 1997 – 1999 Johnny paints this story with a new-found freedom, both in expression and in painting technique. Where he was once known for his delicate and soft white dotting, he now attacks the canvas to tell the story with great gusto. He jabs large dots on to the surface and produces roundels and symbols for weapons with great sweeps of his arm and the brush.

Artist: Johnny W. Tjupurrula
Size: 120cm x 98cm

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Johnny Warrangkula has become known as the ‘Big J.W.’ In 1997, a painting by J.W. titled ‘Water Dreaming at Kalipinypa’ sold at Sotheby’s for a record $210,000. In 2000 the same painting sold at Sotheby’s Auction house for $486,500, at the time a world record for an Aboriginal painting.
For a time between the late 1980’s until the mid 1990’s, Johnny produced few works due to poor eyesight resulting from Trachoma. However, after receiving treatment, Johnny’s enthusiasm for painting was rekindled, mainly driven by his desire to record his stories for future generations and to produce an income for his extended family.
In early 1997, Michael Hollow  made a great effort to revive Johnny’s painting career and commissioned him to do a series of small works. From this series Johnny began a new phase in his distinguished painting career and developed this new direction with other galleries and dealers over the next few years. This series, his final one, includes a range of small to very large dynamic, powerful paintings in pure red, blacks with white, yellow and ochre highlights. Each of the works features the established imagery of Johnny’s Dreamings overpainted to hide the secret and sacred elements. This painting is number 2 from this series.

More information on Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula

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