Lorna Fencer

Lorna Fencer
Born: c. 1924/2006
Location: Lajamanu (Katherine) – Northern Territory

Born in the Tanami Desert, Lorna Fencer was a senior Law woman who has ‘painted up’ for ceremonies all her life. In 1997 she was awarded the Conrad Jupiter’s Art Prize, and in 1998 was invited to participate in the Triennial John McCaughey Memorial Art Award at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Lorna Fencer commenced painting on canvas in 1986 and is ranked by Australia Art Collector Magazine as one of Australia’s most collectible artists of any genre in 2007.

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Title: Caterpillar Dreaming
Lorna Fencer Napurrula
138cm x 129cm
Price: $5900.00

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Caterpillar Dreaming, the story was given to Lorna by her father, to which is probable one of her most collected paintings. The story is about women going on a hunting and gathering trip to the bush for tucker. In large groups they travelled singing and dancing as they collected food along the way, being a time of plenty as all the plants were flowering and fruiting. Quite often as they were picking fruits and berries they would be stung by the little hairy caterpillars that lived among the leaves, causing quite an irritation to the skin and an unbearable itch, hence the name ‘cheeky one’ as Lorna used to refer to the painting. The roundel are the little trees and shrubs and the dotting represents all of the flowers and leaves were the caterpillar lives.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity, Caterpillar Dreaming explanation and CD of 10 working photos and a picture of Lorna with the completed painting.


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