Theresa Butler

Theresa Butler
Born: 1967
Location: Papunya, Western Desert
Language: Pintupi/Luritja

Theresa Butler was born at Papunya in the Western Desert region. Her mother is Katarra Napaltjarri and her father is Anatjari Tjakamarra. She spent some years in the Docker River Community as a child and moved to Tjukuria when she was 14. Theresa’s canvasses are skillfully applied with special attention to the choice of colours.

This painting represents Larrara. The women are out in the country known as Larrara where they are travelling and setting up camp in a number of places. They have their wirra (wooden bowls) and punu (digging sticks) with them. They build windbreaks at the camps. The central design of the painting with concentric circles represents the rockhole there and the creek that flows after the rains. They collect honey ants and quandongs as well as all types of bush tucker, which is plentiful in this place.

Title: Untitled
: Theresa Butler
: 76cm x 50.5cm
: $660.00

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