Josie Petrick Kemarre

Josie Petrick Kemarre
Born: c1952
Location: Utopia, Central Australia
Language: Alyawarre

Josie Petrick has emerged from Utopia as an artist displaying her innovative interpretations of her Dreamings, culture, religion and culture through her bold and dynamic approach to canvas. Josie creates visual harmony within her dot construction capturing the rich essence of the Utopian Landscape as depicted in the desert, the black background enhances the dynamics of the color interaction on the canvas. Her work is a fine example of the development of Central Desert dot painting from traditional dot construction to a fusion of abstracted forms manifesting a spiritual and cultural celebration.

Since the introduction of acrylic paints and canvas, Aboriginal Art has transgressed from traditional symbols representing ceremonial ritual and story telling to an international phenomenon exploring the realms of contemporary abstraction.

The development of the dot as a visual tool in Central Desert Art (introduced as a visual means of camouflaging sacred symbols) unconsciously triggered an art movement that is rapidly expanding and ever changing. The once submissive dot applied as a background to symbols representing specific stories of the Dreamtime, has developed to the extent where it now has justification of existence in its own right.

Title: Untitled
: Josie Petrick Kemarre
: 73cm x 56cm
: $990.00

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  • Charles Sturt University Collection
  • Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne
  • Artbank, Sydney
  • Holmes a Court Collection
  • Victorian State Gallery


  • 1991 The Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Gallery, Alice Springs
  • 1991 Coventry Gallery, Sydney
  • 1991 Gabrielle Pizzi Gallery, Melbourne
  • 1996, Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery, Melbourne
  • 1997, 1999, 2000, Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia, Melbourne
  • 2001, Embassy Australia, Washington, USA
  • 2003, Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Melbourne

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