The Artists

Respect for Aboriginal Culture and Aboriginal Artists

These principles are based on those adopted by the Australia Council in its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Policy and the Code of Practice of the Australian Indigenous Art Traders Association.

Indigenous Instyle respects and acknowledges that:-

the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia as the traditional owners and custodians of Australia and the essential connection between arts, culture, land, sea and customary law in their society

the diversity and richness of indigenous culture and society

the rights of Indigenous peoples to own and control their cultural and intellectual property

In its actions, Indigenous Instyle will :-

work toward offering high quality contextual information in association with artists and community authorised bodies and treat all artists or community organisations fairly and ensure equitable and timely returns to artists or their community organisations

deal honestly and with integrity with the public, artists, art dealers and other industry organisations
refuse to deal with anyone who violates Indigenous copyright or improperly appropriates Indigenous imagery
provide accurate information about the authorship and provenance of any work offered for sale.

Many of the concerns of Aboriginal people about protecting their culture have been set out in the important ATSIC report “Our Culture, Our Future”. Wherever possible, Indigenous Instyle will act in a spirit of respect and cooperation in its dealing with indigenous communities or individual artists.

Please note:

On-line colours may not be true to the original as monitor settings vary from computer to computer.

Paintings can be hung any way you like and hung in landscape or portrait fashion.

© Indigenous Instyle (ABN:79796849701)
Copyright for the artworks remain with the artists

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